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NASH restaurant is more than Ukrainian cuisine that we used to see before. These are favourite dishes in modern serving, in modern combinations and in the authorship of the best cooks of Odessa.

NASH restaurant is not just food. This is the atmosphere of modern Ukraine, which we present to you, our guests.
NASH Guests

Our favorite dishes

we recommend to taste
Rabbit in sour cream sauce
Served with potatoes and cooked in clay pots

Brand liqueurs
9 types of homemade liqueurs

with potatoes and mushrooms / with cabbage / with egg and greens / with chicken liver and offal / with meat / with apples and cinnamon / with sweet cheese

048 700 11 11
Odessa, Arcadia City,
1, Central ave

+38 068 447 75 75
Odessa ,Avenue of the Heavenly
Hundred, 2
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